The Logistics is the art and science of organizing the necessary resources to support the objectives.

As a science it’s based on studies and analyses formalized in theories and their methodologies. As an art it’s inspired by the innovative talent, curiosity, spirit of initiative and operational capacity implemented to the context.

An inter-functional integration process through which we plan, act and control the flux of the raw materials, the semi-finished products, the finished products and information.

A strategy asset, a fundamental instrument of competitiveness allowing the rationalization, the control and containment of costs and at the same time a higher flexibility and quality.



The outsourcing (outside resourcing) is the process through which a company (outsourcee) entrusts external suppliers (outsourcer) the operational management of one or more functions previously carried out within the organization.

Thanks to outsourcing it’s possible to obtain consistent and documented advantages in terms of costs and quality.

The process allows the company to concentrate on their characteristic activities, those which create the best added value and its competitive edge, by entrusting a competent external specialist, equipment, processes and know-how up to the highest market levels.

TPL believes in “strategic outsourcing” namely the taking-over of the whole production processes by assuming themselves responsibility end to end according to KPI quantitative and qualitative agreed with the client’s company.




The Digital Disruption or digital revolution has changed the business rules and even more the relationship between individuals by making information one of the principal instruments of competition.

Today, Companies and Economic Operators are required to interact in a new competitive arena, that though remaining firmly anchored to its core principles, must however leverage on new and more efficient supply systems of information.

With technologies, systems and professionalism constantly spreading, they are a great advantage to this qualification and competitive process in which however the client is the key element of the process.

TPL Believes in a Data Driven approach, that’s the reason why we invest in technologies for analysis and representation of data so that our Warehouse Management System is capable of interfacing the standard way of all market ERP, as per Know How and integration process allowing us to operate on the main WMS.

Our approach is designed to enable the user to easily access and immediacy to a dedicated Decision Support System that allows him to not only have precise data but mostly to have profiled and really useful information to the specific context.